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Avinoam Sternheim

Avinoam sternheim (1983) is an artist, works in Tel-aviv, Israel. He graduated his art studies at the Avni institute (2009), and the MFA program at Betzalel (2013).

-He exhibited in numerus exhibitions including Herzelia Musieum' Petach Tikva Musiem Tel aviv  Universety gallery and more. Abroad he exhibited at the Nord Art Exhibition in Germany and Circle 1 

gallery in Berlin.​

He is known for his big sized sculptures made from found materials in the local scene, but also as a post\math rock musician guitarist from the bands, Lebanon & Suicidal Furniture - recorded 7 albums. He practice and preform in Butoh dancing does oil panting, and the creator and drawer of an original philosophical Tarot deck called "The Order Tarot" collaborating with philosopher Menahem Goldenberg.  

Artist Statement

מגן1 (1).jpg

Usually I work with industrial leftover, discarded, abandoned and damaged objects, that have lost their place in the world. These qualities resonate my own need of belonging and establish the intimacy so crucial for my work. It is thus important for me to maintain the identity and dignity of these materials - as if collecting souvenirs; reviving them, adopting them - recharging them with unfounded imaginary functionality. Establishing a place for them and for myself in this world, attaching both them me and the work to what is real.


My work revolves around the question of how fantasy creates reality and how reality disintegrates back into someone else’s fantasy. The use of given found objects serves as anchor, planting the works in a concrete and specific surrounding, in everyday life. The concrete elements serve me as a platform for prolific strokes of imagination, thus creating new legends and symbols as an attempt to build a poetic shelter - a structure of an inner world that would enable one to dwell in this world. One of the most important element of my work is intensity: the intensity of material, the intensity of shape, the intensity of the work in space, and the intensity of the artist at work.

Avinoam Sternheim



  • Minshar gallery, Spacer, Mika Milgrum, Tel Aviv, 2021 (Solo)

  • Beta gallery, What did yo say, Alfa Haimov, Jerusalem 2021

  • Hamifaal, Closed open closed, Elad Yaron, Jerusalem, 2021

  • Zumo, Shai Id Alony, Hatzor Haglilit, 2019

  • The New Gallery- Teddy Stadium, Pina, Tamar Gispan, Jerusalem, 2018 (Solo)

  • Aza 13, Censorship, Yehezkel Lazarov, Jafa 2017

  • Sha’ar 3 Gallery, Zahar Lulu, Poli Blum, Haifa 2016

  • Nord art, Israely paviliien, Budelsdorf, Germany 2016

  • Alfred Gallery, The Human Factor, Tel Aviv 2016

  • Petach Tikva Museum, Fictional Art, Doreet Lavite Harten, Petach Tikva2016

  • Aza 13, Demonstration Art, Yehezkel Lazarov, Jafa 2016

  • Yanco Dada Museum, 100 Years of dada art, Ein Hod 2016

  • Atalie Shemi, Out Of Wood, Smadar Schindler, Kibutz Kabri 2015

  • Meshuna Gallery, Home Defender, Oren Fisher, Tel Aviv (solo) 2014

  • AZA 13, The Art To Survive, Yehezkael Lazarov, Jafa 2014

  • Circle 1, Black Flower, Doreet Lavite Harten, Berlin 2014 (solo)

  • Zaritsky Artist House, ראיבאינא, Assi Meshulam, Tel Aviv 2014 (solo)

  • Herzelia museum, Rising stars, Herzelia 2014

  • MFA Bezalel , Graduate exhibition, Yehudit Susportes+ Gil shani, tel aviv 2013 (solo)

  • Tel Aviv university Gallery, Left hand, Menahem Goldenberg+ Shahar Galili, Tel Aviv 2012

  • Gallery 121, No true endurance limit, Tel Aviv 2012

  • Contemporary By Golconda Gallery, Electric Garden, Nomi Aviv, Tel Aviv 2011

  • Indi Gallery, Planet Rubble, Ilan Carmi, Tel Aviv, 2010

  • Graduate Exhubition, Avni Institute, Tel Aviv, 2009 (solo)

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